Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador

Chris is very proud to be a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador. Since 2013 and the launch of the first Sony Alpha full frame mirrorless camera, Chris is working exclusively with Sony Alpha cameras for still images, and use them in combination with other brands for his film projects.

Over the past six years, Sony has done more to push digital imaging forward than just about anybody else. Sony is at the leading edge of technology available right now when it comes to camera bodies with three previous iterations that it’s built on. 

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Since their first project in 2018, Chris Schmid has been working exclusively with Austrian film composer Christian Heschl who’s creating all the original score for his film productions.Christian Heschl is an award-winning film & TV composer based between Vienna & London. To date, he has composed music for numerous projects featured on major international networks. These include National Geographic, Disney+, DiscoveryChannel, AppleTV+, SonyUK, NBC/SyFy, ORF, ZDF/ARD, ARTE, and many more. Projects including "Super Reefs" - a Pristine Seas film produced by National Geographic, premiering on Disney+ in 2023, and the AppleTV+ original series "Liaison" (2023) (ft. Eva Green, Vincent Cassel)Together with Chris they won several awards for their work on "Frozen Warriors" and "Okavango - The River that Never Finds the Sea".  Jon Mansell from the International film music critics association wrote to Okavango:

"OKAVANGO the movie and its score are no exception, it is a musical feast filled with varying degrees of excitement and overflowing with a rich and captivating sound, with a style and tone that is not only pleasing but affecting and emotive."