Chris Schmid


Chris Schmid is an accomplished Swiss freelance producer-director, Director of Photography, and photographer with over a decade of experience specializing in natural history. As a Sony Ambassador and National Geographic Explorer, Chris is known for his ability to create stunning visuals and compelling stories that combine cinematic aesthetics with a documentary style. He is particularly skilled at working in some of the most challenging environments on earth, particularly when it comes to filming big cats. Chris is driven by a deep passion for nature and a desire to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet.

As a self-shooting DoP and camera operator, Chris has worked on a wide range of film and still projects from conception to completion, developing a remarkable knowledge of long lens work, beautiful composition, high-speed filming, and animal behavior anticipation. He uses the latest RED and Sony cameras to capture breathtaking imagery. His core skills also include gimbal and drone camera operation, as well as underwater filming.

As a director Chris produced FROZEN WARRIORS (2018), highlighting the plight of the mighty musk ox, which won best short documentary at Green Screen and was an official selection at the National Geographic Short Film. He also produced and directed OKAVANGO (2020) which won best short documentary at the International Nature Image Festival (FIIN). Chris' impressive client list includes major industry players such as Disney Nature, BBC, National Geographic, Sony, Terra Mater, Arte, WildAid, and WWF.


    • Extensive experience of capturing images and producing photographs and videos of wildlife in their habitats
    • Very good experience to follow the same individuals during a long period of time to create and identify key story lines
    • Remarkable knowledge of proper use of photo cameras, video cameras (RED and Sony cameras) and long lenses work
    • Certified UAV DGAC drone specialist, over 200 commercial hours, Heavy lift/Inspire/S900/Mavic 2
    • Underwater filming (PADI certified diver)
    • Ronin Operator (including Ronin MX and Ronin 2) mounted to various platforms: car mount, handheld, boat mount
    • Knowledge of wildlife tracking methods and management of environmental issues
    • Shot motion and pictures of wildlife at different hours of day and night, depending on given assignment
    • Motion Control Timelapse
    • 4K video camera traps