'Okavango': Review from the International Filmmusic Critics Assosiation


I’m very pleased to share a review from the International Filmmusic Critics Assosiation writer John Mansell about 'Okavango' shortfilm and the work of Christian Heschl.

"Films about wildlife are fascinating, one only has to watch the works of the likes of Sir David Attenborough to appreciate the splendour and also the beauty of animals in the wild. Music for films, documentaries and shorts on this subject matter is too exciting and, in most cases, wonderfully beguiling and attractive. OKAVANGO the movie and its score are no exception, it is a musical feast filled with varying degrees of excitement and overflowing with a rich and captivating sound, with a style and tone that is not only pleasing but affecting and emotive. The score for OKAVANGO is the work of composer Christian Heschl, and it is a score that I will here and now recommend that you seek out and add to your collection. Although a relatively short work it is crammed full with an abundance of haunting and mesmerising tone poems which are heard alongside dramatic and deeply atmospheric themes and nuances which just entice the listener to explore the work further, each theme or nuance adding it’s weight to an already strong and rich sounding musical tapestry [...] The musical colours and textures realised by the composer within this score are striking and affecting, it is score that I feel will be returned to many times after your initial listen."

You can read the full article and interview here: https://jonman492000.wordpress.com/

I am also pleased to share that Okavango has been officially selected at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Chris Schmid