Latest Work: “A Wild Life ” for Sony


When switching to Sony from Nikon six years ago some people were looking me as a fool. For sure at the beginning it was a bit frustrating having just a small range of FE lenses at my disposal but I never felt the sensation to be missing a shot because of this tight selection. In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. We tend to view risk-taking negatively, often regarding it as dangerous and even unwise. But while some risks certainly don’t pay off, it’s important to remember that some do. I believe in the importance of finding ways to push yourself, whether that’s creatively or just in terms of your own preconceived ideas of what you are capable accomplishing in a single stretch of daylight.

Photography isn’t just about knowing how to use your camera equipment or having the best camera to capture interesting pictures. Part of being a photographer is having the possibility to go beyond that by pushing your creativity further with your actual limitation. Those times when I’m really uncomfortable, I'm really cold, or really scared or stressed — have led to the most productive, creative, and memorable moments of my life.

Over the last 6 years I've been travelling with my Sony cameras, working on some of the most exciting work projects of my life. I've been frightened, upset, angry, elated, exhausted, euphoric, but my cameras have always done the job: isn't it the most important thing at the end?

And today I can tell you I've no regrets. Sony has worked hard, learned fast, pushed the boundaries in low light and video and today they've some of the best cameras and lenses on the market.

Thank you first to Sony for the opportunity to represent your company as an Ambassador and to be given the opportunity to flex my creativity using the best tools on the planet. Thank you to all the Sony Europe team for supporting my work during these years.

Thank you to the very talented Christian Heschl for his incredible work on the original soundtrack for this project.

Chris Schmid