The Kingdom of Kong awarded at the 2018 International Photography Awards


The Kingdom of Kong series of images has been awarded at the 2018 International Photography Awards in the Nature and Wildlife category.

The Kingdom of Kong consists of a series of 8 images about the mountain gorillas in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN. Mountain gorillas are not usually hunted for bushmeat, but they are frequently maimed or killed by traps and snares intended for other animals. They have been killed for their heads, hands, and feet, which are sold to collectors. Infants are sold to zoos, researchers, and people who want them as pets. Conservation efforts have led to an increase in overall population of the mountain gorilla in the Virungas and at Bwindi. The overall population is now believed to be at least 880 individuals. You can find more information about the series here.

Mountain Gorilla
International Photography Awards
Chris Schmid