Sony Action Cam "Our World Through the Lens of"

As a photographer, we are lucky to work on all different types of projects – some are fun, some are challenging, and this one was a mix of the two !

When Sony Action Cam contacted me about this project, my main concern was how I could show the beauty of our world with such a small camera. For me, traveling is embracing what nature has to offer, in the best way you can and by using the Sony Action Cam, I found that you can literally take the viewer with you on your journey. 

By November 2016, we began our production to acquire the assets needed to showcase this cutting-edge technology, as well as tell the stories of four unique and compelling individuals who would be using these cameras in their own areas of expertise.

For our production we've been using two FDR-X3000 Sony Action Cams. Filming in 4K with such small camera is really impressive. But I was even more impressed to capture stable images as never before with the optical steadyShot. A really big advantage when you think that this little cams are primarily used hand held.


Katherine Choong is an amazing rock climber. Her ability to scale the climbing routes of the world, with humility and grace, sets Katherine apart. I’ve no words to thank Katherine for her help during this project. To tell her story we chose to fixe a Sony Action Cam on her head by using the head mount. It was really important for me to show the real world of Katherine even at 100 meters from the ground and I feel by using the Sony Action Cam you can really take the viewer with you. We also used a drone to give a view of the amazing surroundings around her.

I greatly enjoyed working with these inspiring people and these little cams – and together we were able to share their stories in a creative and personal way.


When we were shooting sled dogs with Olivia, working with the Action Cam it really gave us the chance to enter in her world, without any distraction. This is no easy task when you’re shooting animals! 

We first choose to fix a Sony Action Cam on her head to have a real point of view from Olivia, but also to see the connection between her and these beautiful dogs. We also mount the cameras on the sled by using the roll bar mount. So by doing so, we were able to also keep a focus on Olivia and see her reaction while encouraging her dogs. We used again a drone to show the natural beauty of this amazing place in the Swiss Alps.


Aurélie is an incredible person, always trying to push her limits. She didn’t hesitate a minute before facing the icy waters of the lake in the middle of winter to enjoy her sport. And Action Cams have no problem in this weather.

We decided to mount a Sony Action Cam on Aurélie’s board. So we used the underwater housing to be sure the camera won’t get wet, but we also added an anti-fog sheet inside the housing to prevent any fog during the shooting. We also mount an action cam on her head once again. I really love this point of view because you can really feel part of the adventure. The camera was also used inside the underwater housing in case Aurélie was falling in the water.


The good things with the Sony Action Cam is that you can take them everywhere, they’re so small. To tell the story of Carolina we chose to mount one camera on her bag by using the backpack mount. Thanks to the optical steadyshot it gave a real smooth footage, even when walking quite fast. And by using the shooting grip and the live remote I was able to see exactly what I was shooting, which is a big advantage when shooting someone or a place.

I greatly enjoyed working with these inspiring people and these little cams – and together we were able to share their stories in a creative and personal way.

And finally a huge thank you to the tireless work and creative energy that always comes from the team at Sony.


With the help of photographers from different parts of the world, we were able to capture both well-known and unknown/unexplored places of the world we live in. Throughout this 4-part episode, photographers will show the world we live in through their own lenses, and the way they see it. Episode 1 features Chris Schmid, a Switzerland based photographer, showing us stories of three amazing female athletes who embrace all the beauty nature offers us in Switzerland.