Latest work: “Call of the Wild” | Shot on Alpha 1

Latest work: “Call of the Wild” | Shot on Alpha 1

I'm so excited today to release my new short film 'Call of the Wild'.

When Sony called me at the end of last year to see if I had an idea for a subject I could shoot with the new Sony Alpha 1 in advance of the camera’s release, the idea that jumped out at me was shooting a simple, handheld on location video, where I can finally take the viewers with me on a photo safari.

The idea was obvious: I could spend time recording the most important subjects matter in my life: the people who I care the most and the African wildlife.

I’m really pleased to present “Call of the Wild”. It’s mostly an handheld video shot, explaining my love for the wilderness. Over about 14 days, we captured this video by picking up the cameras here and there when the right moments struck. The shots aren’t perfect. They’re not nearly as cinematic as the video we capture for some of our work projects. It’s unpolished.
But … really, that’s the point. Whether you’re a professional director or an enthusiast, one of the best reasons ever to pick up a camera is to capture the people and subjects that mean the most to you.

"Call of the Wild” was exactly what I needed. It’s not the most professional thing I’ve ever worked on, but it might be one of the most meaningful. And it’s certainly a good reminder of what’s important in life.

Hope you enjoy the film. And thank you so much to Caroline and Godwin, for your amazing filming skills and your patience for being stuck for hours in the mud.. And of course to Christian Heschl for his amazing music track. You all truly mean the world to me.

Thank you also to Nomad Tanzania for their support on this project. Please go to visit Tanzania and stay in one of their incredible lodges. In this difficult COVID time, they need more than ever our help.

And of course I would like to thanks all the team at Sony for making this possible. It has been such an amazing journey to work together on such exciting new products launch and assignment. So thank you so much.