Exhibition “Nature's Curiosities” - Geneva Book Fair

Exhibition “Nature's Curiosities” - Geneva Book Fair

Geneva-based photographer and filmmaker Chris Schmid will unveil an exhibition entitled "Curiosités de la nature" (Curiosities of Nature) at the Geneva Book Fair from March 22 to 26. The two-part exhibition will showcase a selection of 24 photos from the Swiss artist, as well as the nature perspectives of the 15 amateur photographers who participated at the Travel Photographer photo contest organized by the travel agency Au Tigre Vanillé. As Sony Europe ambassador and National Geographic explorer, Chris Schmid is pleased to preside over the jury of the contest for the 2023 edition.

The big cats specialist photographer, who regularly works with Disney Nature, BBC, Arte, WildAid, and WWF, says: "I was impressed by the quality of the images received. The choice was really difficult, but the photo that won the first prize was unanimous among the members of the jury. The simplest things are often the ones that touch us the most."

An exhibition to raise awareness of environmental protection

Through his work, Chris Schmid aims to raise public awareness of the fragility of nature and the need to preserve it. Biodiversity is a real treasure. And yet, ecosystems have never been more threatened by the expansion of human activities, everywhere in the world. The Geneva-based artist's images will be accompanied by explanatory texts that reveal the beauty of extraordinary wildlife and help understand the challenges they face.

"It's always a great pleasure to be able to share my work with the public. I hope that my images can help people understand how important it is to preserve large wild areas. We use almost all the space on Earth," explains Chris Schmid.

Through his unique aesthetic images, this internationally recognized photographer immerses us in an emotional wild universe, in some of the most challenging environments on Earth. Emotion is never far away when looking eye-to-eye with intimate portraits of endangered mammals.

A sharing with the public

During the exhibition, Chris Schmid will be present every afternoon to exchange with visitors, as well as for a meeting with Patrick Vallelian on the backstage stage on Friday, March 24 at 12:15 p.m.